How to Thank Me For My Service

A friend of my, a female of color, was harassed yesterday by a white man who told her to go back to where she came from. She’s from Louisiana.

The friend of a friend committed suicide Wednesday, because, in part, of fear of losing their healthcare, since dismantling the ACA is very high on the GOP’s agenda.

The KKK is having open celebrations of Trump’s victory, which they see as validating their despicable views.

Trump’s already cutting off the press, which our nation’s founders knew was our first line of defense against tyranny. That’s why it’s in the First Amendment.

Attacks and harassment of non-whites, females, and non-Christians seem to be escalating. We don’t seem to have good data yet, but the US seems to be following the pattern of increased hate crimes seen in Britain following Brexit.

This is not how this veteran expected to spend today.

If you want to thank this vet for his service, don’t give me words. Give me action.

If you see harassment, defend the harassed.

Believe people when they tell you they’re scared. Consider they are subject to things you may be blind to. Give them aid and comfort and safety.

Give money to organizations which will fight against the coming attempts to roll-back of the last 50+ years of progress in civil rights.

Find candidates for public office who will stand for justice. Support them. VOTE.

Don’t let the bastards normalize bigotry and hatred in our society.

I took the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution six times. I did not do so to let my nation fall into autocracy.

Thank me by standing up, speaking up, and taking action.