Rolling Into May

Things have been busy in House Appel. On the writing front, I wrapped up the fifth draft of The Frozen Past and as soon as I can wrangle the synopsis into shape, I’ll start querying it. Between the Writing the Other class I’ve been taking online and doing some beta reading, the writer brain has been pretty engaged. In odd moments I’ve begun addressing the changes to the outline of the next book, which lacks a working title. (I’m calling it “Exile Cluster Book 2” for now.) The changes are necessary because it finally became clear that a character I created on-the-fly while drafting some early scenes needed to become a viewpoint character, and ultimately, she’s displacing one of the two existing viewpoint characters. This means ECB2’s protagonists are a couple of 60+ women kicking ass on a space station. I hope I can pull this off.

April also brought a milestone in my bariatric post-op journey: I’ve dropped a full 100 pounds since surgery, about 140 since first starting the process. This brings me to 260 pounds or so. There’s a ways to go and a lot of work to make it down to 200, but it should be possible. And it’s only possible with the great support I get from Michelle, Alexa, Ben, and my medical team at Hopkins Bayview.

Where swords are concerned – well, I’ve plateaued for a bit, while Ben has advanced pretty rapidly. He’s reached a point at which our senior instructor no longer fights him from nach, or “after” – Brian will not take the vor against Ben, meaning he won’t wait passively for Ben to attack, but will seek to launch first attacks against him. I’m definitely not at that level yet (and have the bruises to prove it!) but improvement is coming, if slowly.

Looking towards the summer, this year marks my first as a science fiction con-goer, and I’m doing so as an “early career” writer. The last two weekends of May will be taken up with first the Nebula Award Conference in Pittsburgh, followed by Balticon. And I got some big news on the Balticon front over the weekend: not only will I be heading up a science track panel on real-world hacking and cybersecurity, but I’ll be on four additional panels over the weekend. At the moment, I’m set to moderate one of those. More details on that closer to the con.

June takes me to Minneapolis and the Fourth Street Fantasy convention, and July sees a combo of 25th-anniversary trip for Michelle and I to Cape Cod, followed by Readercon in Boston. We may pop out to visit some folks in western Mass after Readercon.

Somewhere in there, work will begin on the first draft of the next book. I’m also noodling around with a shorter piece featuring a minor character from The Frozen Past that everyone loves and wants to see more of. And in odd moments, I’m playing with ideas for a far-future, is-it-science-fantasy-or-super-science-as-magic story, book length.

Busy looks to be the watchword for the summer. Stay tuned.