No Plan Survives Contact With Reality

And the reality is that my work-in-progress, which may be about to steal the title of a potential future story, isn’t going to be done by the end of November.

I came to that realization on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, upon hitting the roughly 60k words-mark in the first draft. It was supremely liberating as I knew Thanksgiving weekend was going to be busy, especially with my wife Michelle on the other side of the planet. (She’s in Taiwan for professional reasons.) This let me enjoy the annual Black Friday Game-a-thon at my friendly local game store (FLGS), Games and Stuff; to spend Friday evening binge-watching the last half of season 2 of The Last Kingdom; and to do a lot of reading. Oh, and a bunch of household chores that had backed up.

My understanding of the real story that I’m writing, the things hidden behind the helicopter chases and fight scenes, has also had a chance to percolate up from the depths. That understanding goes beyond the WIP, too, into the cycle of stories I hope to tell in this universe. The influence of current world events, and the laying bare of our understanding of the true underpinnings of not just US society, and not even Western societies, but a particular set of cultural moments that are occurring world-wide right now-resurgent nationalism, the rise of strongmen, the oligarchs ascendant-my brain has been steeping in this for a while, and it’s no wonder that my story is becoming colored by it all.

So: goal reset. End of the year is the current objective, which is once again doable if aggressive. And I see already the rough shape of the revisions I’ll need to make to the parts already written, but those are January’s work.